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8 Ball Pool Rules

8 BALL POOL RULES The Object of the Game:   Eight ball pool is a call shot game with fifteen object balls and a cue ball. One player must pocket all the balls of the group numbered 1 through 7(the solid colours) and the group numbered 9 through 15 (the stripes). The player pocketing their group

Pool Table Cloth Care Guide You have spent a considerable amount of money on your new pool table so it makes sense to take care of your table. Taking care of the cloth will not only  extend the life of your cloth but also  give you a better smoother playing surface. The Cloth that is

Will my floor take the weight of a pool table? It is a commonly thought that floors need to be specially strengthened to support the weight of pool tables and snooker tables. In fact, the actual floor loading over the area involved is very low. We do however advise that you make your own checks

Is my room big enough for a Pool Table or Snooker Table? Space needed with a 48″ cue with a 54″ cue with a 57″ cue Table Size in feet in feet in feet 6 x 3 Pool Table 13.5 x 11 14.5 x 12 15 x  12.5 7 x 4 Pool Table 14.25 x